Selehold Spot on Solution
Order Code: SE7300/ SE7310/ SE7320/ SE7330/ SE7340/ SE7350

A spot-on treatment for the effective control of fleas and roundworms. One treatment for fleas last four weeks, the product also acts on eggs and larvae in the home to help prevent reinfestation. Selehold treats roundworm infection (Toxocara canis), ear mites, biting lice, Sarcoptic mange and prevents heartworm disease. Selehold can be used from 6 weeks of age.

Six strengths across two species

SE7300, Selehold (selamectin) Spot-on solution15mg for Puppies & Kittens, <2.5kg, Pink

SE7310, Selehold (selamectin) Spot-on solution 30mg for Toy Dogs, 2.6-5kg, Violet

SE7320, Selehold (selamectin) Spot-on solution 45mg for Cats, 2.6-7.5kg, Turquoise

SE7330, Selehold (selamectin) Spot-on solution 60mg for Small dogs, 5.1-10kg, Orange

SE7340, Selehold (selamectin) Spot-on solution 120mg for Medium dogs, 510.1-20kg, Red

SE7350, Selehold (selamectin) Spot-on solution 240mg for Small dogs, 20.1-40kg, Green


  • 3 individual packs per box.
  • Single pipette sachets in pack

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