Allergy Test

Nextmune Allergy Test & Treatment Service

Sample handling procedure

Step 1

Collect 3-5ml of serum in the container provided. And contact Alfamedic for collection. (at least 1.5ml)

Step 2

Alfamedic will send the samples to Nextmune in USA for PAX Compete/ Spot Platinum+.
(Asia Pacific Regional panel includes, Grasses, Weeds, Trees, Fungi, Epidermals, House Dust, Foods, Indoor, Insects, Flea, Staph & Malassezia)

Step 3

A report will be generated with a customized allergy profile. For food allergies a recommendation is included.

Step 4

A specific treatment set (3 vials) for hyposensitization /(1 vial) sublingual can be ordered for those specialized allergens tested except food, Staph's & Indoor allergens.
Treatment set comes with an Allergy Treatment diary.

For more information, please visit:

Allergy Report & Treatment

PAX Complete Report


SPOT Platinum Report