Vet Doppler Blood Pressure
Order Code: GEDOP143

Specially designed for reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement on small animals

How to measure blood pressure:

1. Place cuff above the vessel to be examined.

2. Shave the area where the probe will be positioned or wet hair with alcohol (underneath the tail or the carpal pad at the end of the paw or the radial artery).

3. Put gel on the probe. Put probe in contact with the vessel to examine (without pressure because it would stop or reduce blood flow).

4. Move the probe slightly until you hear a clear Doppler sound signal.

5. Maintain the probe with your finger or fix it on the skin with an adhesive tape.

6. Inflate the cuff with the sphygmomanometer to block the artery until you hear no sound.

7 Deflate the cuff slowly and progressively.

8. The sound that will return corresponds with the patients systolic pressure.

9. The diastolic pressure corresponds to a change of the Doppler’s tonality. The detection of diastolic pressure requires experience as well as good operating conditions.

10. To validate the results, it is best to measure the pressure several times.