Vetoryl (Trilostane), 5mg
Order Code: Veto5

5 mg trilostane capsules


Treatment of pituitary-dependent and adrenal-dependent hyperadrenocorticism in dogs

Dosage & Administration:
-Once daily with food
-Dose should be titrated according to individual response. Most stabilizes between 2-10 mg/ kg/ day
-Consideration to increase daily does by small increment and split in 2 shares, if symptoms are not controlled in 24hr inter-does period
-Do not divide or open the capsule

-Serum samples should be taken for biochemistry (including electrolytes) and ACTH stimulation test before and after at 10th day, 4th week, 12th week and thereafter every 3 months
-ACTH stimulation tests should be performed 4-6 hrs post dosing


Packing Per Unit:  30 caps/ box

Order Unit(s):  1 box

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